Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage

Hiraizumi’s Cultural Heritage Structural Properties


 Mōtsū-ji was built by the second and third lords of the Oshu-Fujiwara clan, Motohira and Hidehira. Later, according to “Azuma Kagami” has written in it about “there being no temples in the country that can compare to it”, but by the modern era, all pagodas had disappeared. Within the grounds, the archaeological sites of the time are in good condition, and the main Jodo gardens have been restored and reproduced as in former times.
 The World Heritage Committee gave high evaluations to Hiraizumi’s Jodo gardens represented by Mōtsū-ji Teien with the following: “It exemplifies the fusion of Japan’s ancient concepts concerning the Jodo ideals and their connection to gardens, water, and the surrounding landscape.”

Mōtsū-ji Teien Tsukiyama

Mōtsū-ji Teien Yarimizu


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