Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage

Hiraizumi’s Cultural Heritage Structural Properties

Mt. Kinkeisan 

Mt. Kinkeisan is a mountain of faith which the Oshu-Fujiwara clan used as a sutra burial mound. At the east base of the mountain is the “Hanadate Haiji Site” with the tradition of the Zao Gongendō site.
The World Heritage Committee gave high praise in the Certificate of Registration for “Hiraizumi” focusing on three Jodo gardens in Hiraizumi, Mōtsū-ji, Kanjizaiō-in Ato and Muryōkō-in Ato, as well as the sacred Mt. Kinkeisan, saying that their existence was a major feature of Hiraizumi.

Sutra burial mound site at the summit

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