Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage

Hiraizumi’s Cultural Heritage Structural Properties


Chūson-ji is a temple complex based in Hiraizumi, with great halls, built by the first Oshu-Fujiwara lord, Kiyohira, in the early twelfth century. After the fall of the Oshu-Fujiwara clan, many Buddhist halls were lost, but in addition to six national treasures and important cultural properties such as the Konjikidō, Kyōzō, and Konjikidō Sheltering Hall ruins from this time are preserved in good condition. The World Heritage Committee said, “Chūson-ji’s Konjikidō with its heavy gold leaf is the only thing remaining from the 12th century, and reflects the enormous wealth of Oshu-Fujiwara.” They also gave the Oike Temple Site, designated as a temple site listed in “Chūson-ji Construction Memorial Prayer,” high appraisal.

Inside the Konjiki-do Golden Hall

Oike Temple Site


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