Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage

Hiraizumi’s Cultural Heritage Structural Properties

Kanjizaiō-in Ato 

 The Kanjizaiō-in site shows ruins of a temple that built by the wife of the second Oshu-Fujiwara lord, Motohira. The Jodo garden, centered around Maizurugaike Pond spreading in front of the large and small Amidado ruins, and behind the grounds Mt. Kinkeisan can be found.
 By the modern age, all pagodas had been lost and the gardens devastated, later becoming rice paddies. However, the remains of the great halls and gardens were restored and maintained based on results of excavations of the ruins, so that we can see them as they were today.
 The World Heritage Committee gave high evaluations to Kanjizaiō-in, Mōtsū-ji and Muryōkō-in Ato, adding that they are properties “constructed as a symbolic expression of the Buddhist Land (Jodo) in this world.”

Waterfall stone of Denraku

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